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released April 22, 2017

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Happy Chichester Columbus, Ohio

Happy Chichester is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, & producer from Columbus, OH. An original founding member of Royal Crescent Mob, Howlin' Maggie, & Twilight Singers, he has amassed an impressive discography on independent & major labels
including Sire, Columbia, & Elektra. Happy has worked as a sideman & collaborator with Afghan Whigs, Shawn Smith, Brad, RJD2, & Umar Bin Hassan.
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Track Name: Knocking At The Door (live)
Knocking At The Door

Politicians' lies
They always try
When they cast their eye
Like dapper John offering apple pie
Them know none of they cause the rot inside
While abetting the nation's ritual heist.

It angers me to see
Such fools to fall
For such fools as these
Who try and rewrite our history
Now they're pumping their
Fists in victory
Engineering economic slavery
Betting on greed & Jesus

(heaven help us all)

The fix is in
Milk-cow begins to bleed
Lo, as she dies
Reckoning slowly
History of flies
Scene repeats
And it's enough just once
To feel sick inside
Derivative theory
Plain people trapped
By a factory farm's
Financial arm,
Again and again
Fattened maggots
Feeding upon hungry men.

Derivative theory (knocking at the door)
Derivative theory, plain people (knocking at the door)..Derivative theory, plain people trapped, (knocking at the door)..etc.

..slapped masses
Knocked on their asses
Thrown out of houses
And meantime
Hotshot upper crust doing just fine.


poor people - poor people
poor people - poor people
shut-out people - shut up people
hurtin' people - hurtin' people
working people - working people
sold-out soldier - sold-out soldier
good people - good people
knocking at the door.
Track Name: Sanctify (live)

You need away from phones & phonies asking for money.
Words on the printed page asking for money too.
You feel so alone in these times
When people need
That money's their protection when really,
Money can't protect you.
I can protect you if you want me to.

Just when you feel the world is ending
All of a sudden,
Faithfully demolished before your eyes.
World becomes a new place
Full of possibilities.
Soul is your redemption
And love, love will metamorphosize,
And you, you're going to show me
You're going to show me what your love can do.

If you've got the guts, sanctify you.
If you've got the guts, sanctify me.

Maybe, baby, all of your worries,
Are making you crazy.
Tell me about this place
That you're racing to.
Is it a place just for people of faith
Or the prettiest face,
Or the best,
Or the finest,
Or only those who have a little grace?
And, baby, will they let me in with you?
Come here..
I'm going to show you what your love can do.

Sanctify you,
Sanctify me,
Sanctify you.